Venture Studio

We strive to unlock the potentials of data. Combining expertise in data science and entrepreneurship we co-invest with industry partners in the creation of ethical, scalable and impactful startups.

Our Approach
A four-step venture building process, whose primary goals are ideation, technical feasibility validation, and market needs analysis.
Together with our team, as well as external industry partners, we focus on game-changing ideas built upon data.
Our team of data scientists and entrepreneurs focuses on building a minimum viable product through which technical feasibility and market needs are analysed.

We take the technical lead of the project for a minimum period of 18 months and recruit the technical team. The new startup becomes independent.
We accompany the new venture to a series A round of investment, and remain board members.

We have already begun our journey, and started our first verticals
We are constantly looking for new challenges.Do you have an amazing idea that we could build together?